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Enes Kanter got opened up after taking an elbow to the face

Trail Blazers

It is well known that Enes Kanter is a huge wrestling fan and once his playing days are over he wouldn't mind stepping into the squared circle. 

Well, on Thursday he looked like he just got out of the ring with Brock Lesnar. 

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Kanter went up for a rebound, but so did his teammate Robert Covington. In the mix of all the bodies flying to the ball, Covington's elbow inadvertently made contact with Kanter's face, just above his left eye.

If Kanter were in a wrestling ring, what happened next would be described as "adding color" to the game. 

From the top of his eye to the bottom of his chin, Kanter had a trail of blood. All he needed was a full head of blonde hair to pull of the bloody Ric Flair look.

Kanter immediately left the game and headed back to the locker room. He would return to the court to start the second half, just with a few new stitches to show off. 

Kanter is a warrior.

When he took the elbow, social media was quick to comment.