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Enes Kanter says Turkish President Erdogan is suing him, remains unfazed

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Portland Trail Center Enes Kanter has long been critical of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan for his human rights violations. 

Kanter called the President of Turkey the “Hitler of our country,” after Erdogan was accused of carrying out several terror attacks and overthrowing democracy in Kanter’s home country.

Erdogan has accused Kanter and his family of carrying out several terror attacks and for attempts to overthrow the Turkish.

Kanter has accused Erdogan of being a fascist.

His outspokenness has led to his passport being revoked in 2017 and Turkey sought an international arrest warrant known as "Red Notice" for Kanter in 2019, alleging that he is part of a terrorist organization. 

The tensions, which have been well documented, are high. 

On Monday, Kanter posted on his Twitter page that he is now being sued by the Turkish President over his past critical remarks of him.

Kanter shared the lawsuit, as well as a picture of it being torn apart. The big man claims the politician is “suing me and asking for my arrest for ‘insulting him.”

His skin is thinner than an onion.

Enes Kanter on Turkish President Erdogan

Because of Kanter’s unwavering beliefs of Erdogan's government and administration over the last few years, the 6-foot-11 center continues to live in a hotel for security purposes and has a panic button in his room, which was installed by the FBI.


It is unclear what ramifications could come his way with his battle with Erdogan, but it is clear that Kanter is not giving up the battle to push against the politician.