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Evan Turner asks Norman Powell if he wants to buy his house

Trail Blazers

It is hard to argue against the fact that former Portland Trail Blazer Evan Turner was easily one of the funniest players in the NBA when he was playing.

And on Thursday, Turner reminded all of us that he still has the jokes on ready.

When the Portland Trail Blazers made the announcement on their Instagram welcoming Norman Powell to the team, Turner asked a very funny and important question.

Does Powell want to buy his old house in Portland?

I mean, it is a fair ask of Turner! Turner now coaches with the Boston Celtics, but still owns his 7,500 square foot house in Goose Hollow that overlooks downtown Portland, which he purchased for 3.1M in 2016.

So hey, if Powell loves it in Portland and decides that he wants to stay long-term...

Turner has a house on the market if he is looking. It's worth noting that former Blazers big man Hassan Whiteside still owns a house in West Linn, as well.

So, Turner may have competition.