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Five things that stood out from Rasheed Wallace's Blazers Outsiders appearance

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Rasheed Wallace will forever and always be a legend in Portland! He has the heart of all Trail Blazers fans. 

Sheed spent eight seasons in the Rose City, averaging 16.5 points and 6.8 rebounds. 

During his time in Portland, he also squared off in some incredible playoff series vs. the Lakers, Spurs and Jazz. 

He also coined the phrase "ball don't lie" and "both teams played hard."

But, as a Blazers fan, you already knew that. 

After Game 2 of the Trail Blazers-Lakers series, Sheed, the host of the Let's Get Technical podcast with fellow former Blazer Bonzi Wells, joined Blazers Outsiders on NBCSNW. 

Here are the five things that stood out: 

1. Rasheed was actually coached by Terry Stotts after he was traded to Atlanta in 2004:

"It was mainly practice, I would say, during that week. I got to Atlanta after the trade and met the whole organization, the front office and was talking with Coach Stotts. And he let me know— 'Hey, we’re going to do everything we can to win some games here. No we’re not going to make the playoffs, but the team theme was ‘we’re going to mess it up for everybody else.’ He was just a player’s coach, to be honest. He actually listened to us."

2. How would Rasheed have handled playing in the bubble?

“I wouldn’t have been in the bubble," Rasheed laughed. "That’s how I would have handled it. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for the guys who decided to go to the bubble. But for me, personally— nah, I value my family… it’s not worth it to me." 


3. Did Sheed know he was viewed as a cultural icon in Portland?

“I didn’t know that. I was never one to feed into what the media was saying about us, especially out there in Portland because I was so in-touch with the people everyday. I hung out in Northeast Portland, I hung out in Beaverton. I knew a lot of people on every demographic. For me out there, I loved my time out there."

4. How does he feel about Nurkic carrying “Ball don’t lie…” legacy?

"I swear to goodness, I had so many people out there who hit me out there. It was funny. It still lives on and it’s the truth."

5. Who was the Blazers biggest rival when Sheed was in Portland?

"It was either the Lakers or San Antonio because they were both organizations with such a dominant team. Just matching up with those two teams at that time, they were sort of that torn in my side, that Achilles heel. But, eventually, to me, it made good series. We may have come up on the losing end of it, but it was good basketball."

Be sure to listen and subscribe to the "Let's Get Technical" Podcast with Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells, which includes an appearance from Trail Blazers guard/forward Gary Trent, Jr.