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Gary Trent Jr. sets a franchise record, but would have traded it for a Trail Blazers win

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Gary Trent Jr. has it even when he doesn’t.

Well, he had just enough of a consistent shot Monday night in Phoenix, but not if you ask him.

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The third-year player set the Trail Blazers all-time record for consecutive games with three or more made three-pointers with 11 straight games.

It’s a cool thing to get, but that shouldn’t matter -- we lost and I shot terribly tonight. So it’s really irrelevant.

Gary Trent Jr. said postgame

The starting two guard shot 4-for-18 from the field including 3-of-12 from three in Portland’s blowout loss to the Suns.

Here’s a quick look at the all-time list of consecutive games with 3+ three-pointers made:

  1. Gary Trent Jr. – 11 games
  2. CJ McCollum – 10 games
  3. Damon Stoudamire – 10 games
  4. Damian Lillard – 8 games

But Trent Jr. certainly would’ve enjoyed a team win over this feat.  

Shooting 25 percent from behind the arc is not what Trent Jr. or the Blazers have become accustomed to when it comes to Trent’s shooting.


GTJ has been a knockdown shooter and go-to scorer for Portland especially since being inserted into the starting lineup with CJ McCollum missing his first full game back on Jan. 18 due to a broken left foot.

“Other than tonight, he’s been very consistent,” Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts said following Portland’s second straight loss. “He’s been a big part of our offense."

He’s been a big reason why we’ve been able to sustain a good offense when we lost CJ. He’s playing starters minutes, playing 35, 36 minutes, he knows where his shots are coming from. He’s aggressive.

Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts

Trent Jr. has averaged 18.0 points on 43.1 percent shooting, including 44.2 percent from three, including 3.8 made threes in 16 games since McCollum’s absence.

Those numbers do not include Monday night’s poor shooting performance.

But it wasn’t just Trent Jr. who wasn’t able to hit from behind the arc against the Phoenix Suns.

The Trail Blazers as a team struggled against the No. 10 ranked defense in the league.

Coach Stotts believes it was just one of those nights as a team where nobody could really get it going from deep.

“I thought we did have a lot of looks that we can make,” Stotts said. “You look at the threes that you can take – are they good threes? Are they contested? We can evaluate that after the game, but I wasn’t unhappy with the threes that we got.”     

Portland also committed an uncharacteristic 15 turnovers, four of which came in the first few minutes.

But it was a poor third quarter that really did the Blazers in as Trent Jr. explained they couldn’t get it going offensively or get stops.

And now, it's a quick turnaround for Portland as the Blazers face the Nuggets in Denver Tuesday night. 

“I’ll be back next game and be ready,” is how Trent Jr. is looking at this current back-to-back.


That's how the entire Blazers roster will be forced to feel heading into Denver to face the Nuggets on national television Tuesday night.