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With HC jobs filling up, what could be next for Terry Stotts?

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Former Blazers head coach Terry Stotts seemed like a prime candidate for some of the early vacancies. While he seemed like a favorite, for some unknown reason he wasn’t selected.

When the Pacers parted with Nate Bjorkgren, Stotts’ name was heavily connected to the team. He had local ties to the city and just seemed like their guy. Until the unexpected happened and Rick Carlisle resigned from his spot with the Mavericks and ended up back in Indiana.

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Leaving Stotts without a new job, Stotts was also connected to the Magic job, but as more time went on it seemed like the team was still feeling out their options. As the days became weeks and the landscape of who was available changed, Orlando decided to name Jamahl Mosley as their next head coach.

With Stotts not getting the jobs he was very linked to, it begs to ask, what’s next for him?

One answer could be he takes a sabbatical year from the industry. Maybe become an analyst for a season and then re-enter the market and see if he can grab a head coaching gig somewhere. Doing such, would likely give him some free time and family time if he wanted to go that route.


Another solution is becoming an assistant coach somewhere in the league. With some staffs being filled quickly, it would be interesting to see if he’s able to land a position and work his way back into the main chair.

The Wizards and Pelicans are the only teams without head coaches and Stotts hasn’t been linked to either of those teams. It seems like both of those teams will hire a first-year head coach for those young teams.

Likely leaving Stotts in a situation to take a year off, become an assistant, or maybe attempt at becoming an analyst. Still very good options for a man who led the Blazers to eight straight playoff appearances and was the constant voice as Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum became respectable players in the league.