Heat fans push to recruit Damian Lillard after he calls Miami ‘a good ass team’


We know who Damian Lillard is rooting for in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Trail Blazers star took to Twitter Tuesday night to show some love to Miami after the Heat miraculously climbed out of a 14-point hole in the fourth quarter before their two All Stars, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, sealed the victory.

Butler's clutch and-1 over Jayson Taytum and Adebayo's incredible block set Twitter ablaze. Lillard was quick to praise the Heat after an incredible comeback. 

“Miami is a good ass team,” Lillard tweeted.  

Dame to Miami rumors in 3…2…1.

We will let Heat fans have their fun, but Lillard is not leaving Rip City.

The five-time NBA All-Star has made it clear that while other NBA stars have demanded trades and forged new allegiances, he’s loyal to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Lillard has embraced his opportunity as superstar in a small market and kept the Trail Blazers nationally relevant year-after-year in the postseason.

“I wanna be the one, the star that wants to be here,” Lillard told Complex. “I wanna be the one that embodies all of those things and then be a part of the rise from ‘we haven’t won since ’77, and now we won, and Dame’s everything to our city.’”

He continued, “To leave, what did I invest all this time for just to leave, you know?” Lillard said in an interview. “If I go play with three other stars, I don’t think that many people would doubt that I could win it. We would win it, but what is the challenge or the fun in that?”


Lillard’s commitment to his team is a rarity in the NBA. While superteams have checked Lillard's temperature in the past, a Heat Check isn’t warranted. We're sure Meyers Leonard wouldn't mind it though.

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