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Here's the reason Damian Lillard says he 'would never' join a Super Team

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Over the years, players around the NBA have engineered moves to join other stars in effort to win championships.

Kevin Durant famously bolted out of Oklahoma City to sign with the Golden State Warriors where he won two titles. LeBron James has shut down the notion that he’s ever been on a Super Team, yet all his championships have come within three seasons of signing with a new franchise in free agency. 

While star players around the league have a lot of freedom to pick and choose their next destination and who they want to play with, one of the NBA’s most polarizing players won’t be joining them.

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On an episode of Million $ Worth of Game, Damian Lillard explained why he won’t be joining a Super Team during his NBA career. The Portland Trail Blazers star doesn’t criticize those around the league who make the choices to join a Super Team, but he’d prefer to take a more challenging and rewarding path.


“I would never do that,” Lillard said. “I mean I don’t control—if the team decides to trade me somewhere, I can’t control that, but it ain’t for me.”

Lillard went on to explain how the media has put added pressure on players to win rings. He mentioned how Charles Barkley has been taunted for never winning a title during his Hall of Fame career.  

“It’s forcing dudes to be like well, I’m going to go play with this person or if I get with this person,” Lillard explained. “But to me, like, if that’s what they want to do, I don’t got no problem with it, it’s whatever...

But for me personally, that’s just not something I can do. I’d rather go out there and put my best foot forward and lose before I do that, because I know I can win if I do that.

- Damian Lillard

Of course, this is something every Trail Blazers fan loves to hear. Despite reportedly being approached to join a super team a few years back, Lillard is willing to sacrifice it all and he’s been nothing but steady and loyal to the city of Portland.

The five-time NBA All-Star is willing to go against the superstar grain when it comes to pushing stars to join forces to win a championship, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try to convince an NBA star or two to come on over to Rip City.   

“If it’s a player that I felt like could help our team, I’d be like you should come to Portland,” Lillard said. “I would run it by them with that, but I’m not about to click up to where it’s damn near guaranteed win.”

It takes some real stamina to do things the hard way, but Lillard has never walked an easy path, and it appears he’s not ready to give up on his aspirations of bringing a championship to Portland anytime soon. You a real one, Dame.