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How Damian Lillard's #4BarFriday connected two passions for Teezy So Dope

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The Portland Trail Blazers have rolled out a #4BarAllStar campaign as a way for music artists to show their support and get fans to vote for Damian Lillard to earn his sixth All-Star nod this season. 

And for many of the artists, they are pulling for Lillard to be a starter in the West.

The campaign has been seen on all of the Trail Blazers' social accounts. Artists from Dame’s original #4BarFriday, of a weekly rap challenge on Instagram that Lillard created in 2013, are coming together once again.  

Artist Teezy So Dope, who was one of the very first participants of  #4BarFriday, expressed her gratitude of Lillard and the Blazers in a recent sitdown interview with NBCSNW.

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Earlier this week, Teezy showed off her talent while rapping about why people should vote Dame to be an all-star this year.


After the Blazers contacted her to participate in #4BarAllStar, she quickly jumped at the opportunity.  

I am a Damian Lillard fanatic. I’ve been following Dame since Weber State. He’s the reason that I even do #4BarFriday and I’ve become such a fan of him that I’ve become a Blazers fan. I grew up a Suns fan.

Teezy So Dope told NBCSNW

Once Teezy agreed to do #4BarAllStars, the Trail Blazers sent her four lists of beats and it was the first option that caught her attention.  

“It was a blast to create buzz for what he already has going on and also to use the platform that he created,” Teezy said.

After going through some of her favorite Lillard highlights on YouTube, she says she picked her favorite moments of the Blazers point guard’s career when writing her lyrics.

Teezy So Dope grew up playing basketball and eventually played college ball before finding herself coaching basketball.

It wasn’t until Lillard’s Instagram battles that she began to really pursue her music career.

Not only can Lillard lead on the court, but he is a leader for other inspiring artists. 

Lillard pushed Teezy to help her on her current path of creating music. And combining her two passions has been a dream come true for Teezy.

It’s always fun to create something with my two loves.

Teezy So Dope

When talking to Teezy about music, it is also apparent that she has a great basketball mind. She made sure to recognize Lillard for his work on the court.

“He is an All-Star. I feel like when you’re playing to the caliber that he plays consistently and each year gets better – it’s just hands down, a no-brainer… The leadership – he’s such a leader. I think that’s the most underrated part of being an All-Star,” Teezy said.

He deserves to start this year, not just be there.

Teezy So Dope

After battling it out in week 4 of the #4BarFriday platform in 2013, Lillard chose Teezy to rap during the 2014 NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans where she met several rappers including Juvenile.

And now she is extremely grateful for #4BarFriday and how it catapulted her career.   


She is also grateful for her friendship with Lillard and the #4BarFriday family.

"I'm Team Dame all day," Teezy added. 

When Teezy hears NBA fans saying that Lillard should only focus on his game, not his music, she has this to say to them:

“Music is therapeutic and writing is an art, it’s poetry, so being able to balance your world sometimes makes you better.”

I can’t imagine what he would be going through in his head, if he was just playing basketball.

To find more and hear Teezy So Dope’s music check out her Instagram here.

And for more on the #4BarAllStar event head over to the Trail Blazers' twitter.