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How the Blazers can best utilize Enes Kanter and Carmelo Anthony this season

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Well, it is finally here, Blazers fans: 

The 2020-21 Portland Trail Blazers NBA season officially kicks off tonight at 7:00 PM (pst) against the Utah Jazz.

With the season finally making its way back, Talkin’ Blazers hosts Dan Sheldon and Channing Frye give their thoughts on what to expect this year with this newly enhanced team.

A wide range of topics was discussed on the latest podcast, but one particular topic, in the beginning, is worth noting with such a different team.

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Both Carmelo Anthony and Enes Kanter have returned to or came back to Portland this season, and Frye gives his take on how the Blazers can best utilize the two.

For Melo, he said it's best the Blazers not overwork him too much and gas him out. He is entering his 18th NBA season this year. His condition needs to be high priority on the Blazers list to not to try tire him out so easily in the beginning of the season.

With Kanter coming back, the biggest thing that Channing said that the Blazers can utilize with Kanter is having him in certain defenses when he is on the floor.

You got to keep him in front of the ball, but also don’t let that roller get behind. I don’t know what type of defense you are going to do with that, but you just have to figure that out cause bigs coming off the bench tend to be rim rollers like Jackson from Memphis… He is going to have to get used to having those real dynamic rollers in the game when he is in there.

Channing Frye on how the Blazers can utilize Enes Kanter this season

Kanter has a history of not doing well in pick and roll situations, so the Blazers can focus on changing up the defense when he is out there so the offense doesn’t take advantage of the mismatch when on the floor.


You can listen to the full conversation with Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon with special guest Taylor Brooks here.