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Juan Toscano-Anderson delivers flop of the year guarding Carmelo Anthony

Trail Blazers

Juan Toscano-Anderson just took a page out of Dillon Brooks’ book.

On Wednesday night as the Trail Blazers took on the Golden State Warriors at Moda Center, the Warriors forward flailed dramatically to the floor as Carmelo Anthony was bringing the ball down the court. NBA refs called an offensive foul on Melo, and all we can say is... what? 

The prime acting performance was caught by NBCSNW cameras and honestly, this one is going to be tough to top.


Even NBA Twitter found Toscano-Anderson’s blatant flop to be a true piece of art.

Melo wasn’t the only Portland player shook by Toscano-Anderson’s play on Wednesday night. Gary Trent Jr. had a few words to share too.

A game between the Blazers and Warriors is always a fiery one. Portland leads 108-106 with 13.7 seconds left in the game. We're about to find out which team will have the final word.