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Kawhi Leonard puts Serge Ibaka on the trading block thanks to Jusuf Nurkic

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Jusuf Nurkic is a force on the court.

He is a focal point for the Blazers offense and knows how to bring it on the defensive end, as well.

They call him the Bosnian Beast for a reason.

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On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Nurk proved that the beast moniker is well deserved. 

When Clippers big man Serge Ibaka had a run at the rim, Nurkic was there to meet him. Nurkic jumped, met Ibaka at the top of the mountain, and rejected what would have been a massive slam from Ibaka.

A block like that is something Blazers fans have gotten used to over the years with Nurkic... and it never gets old.

While Nurkic was showing off on the court, he may have also proven that he has a future in an NBA front office.

Nurkic may not have known it at the time, but he kinda, sorta, put Ibaka on the trading block.

Ibaka had a big game for LA with 11 points, eight rebounds, three assists, and a block. When asked about Ibaka's play postgame, Clippers star Kawhi Leonard laid it all on the table.

Serge can't talk too much we got him on the trading block right now. Whoever wants him, let us know. We're trying to trade Serge.

Kawhi Leonard on Serge Ibaka

One Nurkic block put Ibaka on the trading block.

So the big question is what would it take to get the 12-year vet?

A lot, really, because there is no way he is on the trading block. There is no way a Nurkic defensive stop would put him there. There is no way LA would want to part with Ibaka. 


I was all a light-hearted ribbing by 'The Claw,' but it's hard to tell with that stone-faced demeanor of his-- while he also wears a mask.

It's good to see Kawhi letting loose in LA. Remember fans, he truly is a fun guy.