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Kendrick Perkins serves as his own hype man in response to Jusuf Nurkic

Trail Blazers

As the Blazers and Nuggets continue their war on the court, a new one has started on social media. 

After Portland's 115-95 victory over Denver on Saturday, Jusuf Nurkic sat down to speak with the media and had some words for his critics.

"I hear some clown say that I’m the worst defensive player in the league," Nurkic said. 

When asked to clarify who that "clown" was, he said it was former NBA big man and current ESPN analyst, Kendrick Perkins. 

I guess in this league today he’d be a mascot.

Jusuf Nurkic

“I know he has to get RTs and stuff like that, but I ain’t here for that,” Nurkic added.

For context, after Game 3, Perkins tweeted the following: 

 And Nurkic took those words to heart. 

On Saturday, he held Nikola Jokic to just 16 points, adding 17 points and six rebounds, two blocks, and one steal while finishing with an impressive plus-32.

Word spreads quickly on social media of Nurkic's comments, too. Perkins responded to Nurkic's "clown" comment in what is now a deleted tweet. 

But apparently that response was too nice. 

Instead, Perkins decided to throw some gas on the fire and used an old video of Kobe Bryant speaking fondly of the now TV personality. 

If no one is going to hype you up, do it yourself. And that's what Perkins did. 

Just because Perkins was born before Nurkic doesn't somehow make him better than Nurkic, as it seems Perkins is trying to suggest. 


Perkins averaged 5.4 points, 5.8 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in his career. 

Jusuf Nurkic is averaging 11.8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in his career. 


While a war of words rages on between the two on social media, maybe it'll ignite the Bosnian Beast more on the court.

And that should scare the Denver Nuggets.