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Kyrie Irving channels inner Damian Lillard, stops just short of doing 'Dame Time'

Trail Blazers

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving is known around the NBA as being the human highlight reel, especially with his handles and his crazy shot-making ability.

And on Monday’s 144-112 win over the New York Knicks, he showcased his skills without the help of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Blake Griffin.

Irving dropped a 40 point performance with seven assists and seven rebounds against the Knicks after Harden left in the game with a hamstring injury.

And towards the end of the game, Irving almost gave a homage to Portland’s own Damian Lillard with a ‘Dame Time’ celebration.

It was close, but not full-on doing it. Check it out here at the end of the video.

Irving and Lillard are regarded as one of the best point guards in today’s game. 

So it is good to see that Irving must watch a lot of what Lillard does in the clutch moments.

But maybe next time, Kyrie, you should actually do the celebration and give Lillard some more shine.