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LaMelo Ball steals Carmelo Anthony’s signature 3 to the Dome celebration

Trail Blazers

We get it, they share the same name, but somebody needs to say this.

LaMelo Ball is not Carmelo Anthony-- I thought we already talked about this. 

On Friday as the Charlotte Hornets battled against the Golden State Warriors and ultimately lost 130-121, the 19-year-old buried a long shot over Steph Curry and then celebrated by holding out three fingers and touching them to the side of his head.

Where have we seen that before? Oh wait, NBA legend, Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony has been doing this for years.

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Warriors announcer, Kelenna Azubuike, noticed Ball stealing the 18-year veteran’s signature celebration, and called it out.

"And his celebration, he’s doing three fingers to the head like Carmelo Anthony. I know they’re both Melo but come up with your own celebration, be original," Azubuike said. 


While there’s no clear-cut rules stating you can’t steal another NBA player's celebration, Carmelo Anthony deserves his respect.

It’s bad enough NBA Twitter is trying to argue whether which of the two players should be nicknamed “Melo.” Unfortunately for those in favor of the 10-time NBA All-Star, Ball is a frontrunner for the NBA Rookie of the Year and he’s not going away anytime soon.

But he should probably leave the 3 to the Dome celebration to its owner, the original Melo, in the future.