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LeBron James 'big timed' fellow NBA players, 'needs to be careful'

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LeBron James is the face of the NBA. 

With that notoriety comes great responsibility. 

LeBron signals a lot in his appearances with the media. He's able to control the messaging within the locker room without ever having to have a conversation with a teammate. 

But, James may have overstepped... because this time he was forced to talk with them face to face. 

On Wednesday during the NBA players meeting on discussing whether or not to resume the NBA playoffs, James reportedly rubbed a lot of other players, his peers, the wrong way.

As reported by Yahoo! Sports writer Chris Haynes, James was “miffed” about the Bucks last-minute protest and lack of an action plan behind it. Haynes reported that they put everyone in a “no-win” situation.

He was then asked by Miami’s Udonis Haslem what he wanted to do because the league ‘goes as he goes.’ James said the Lakers were out. 

Then the team walked out of the room.


On ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith added that James "in a fashion that turned everybody off because they had already agreed to what they were going to do moving forward."




"He was speaking out of pocket... the younger generation of players were not having what they were hearing from LeBron James because of the fashion in which he spoke to them."

James particularly ruffled feathers when he reportedly said, "I'm looking out for the guys beneath me."


He came across as if he was the king with some crown and it was a real turn off.

LeBron James needs to be careful. -- Stephen A. Smith

On Friday, the NBA and National Basketball Players Association announced they were back in action with play resuming Saturday. 

James may feel empowered to speak, but he's talking to colleagues, people who have as much of a stake in this as he does and who want their voices heard. 

He risks alienating himself. 

Ultimately, everyone is on the same side: To spread awareness on issues of systemic racism and police brutality in America to a very large audience.

The shooting of Jacob Blake and others has heightened emotions, but everyone's intentions in this situation are good. 

James can't big time his peers... even if he is the king. 

Now, more than ever, the king needs to be mindful of his next moves.