Trail Blazers

LeBron James' dance after eliminating the Trail Blazers is SO BAD

Trail Blazers

The Los Angeles Lakers closed out their first round series against the Portland Trail Blazers Saturday, 131-122.

The Lakers took the series 4-1 and it got LeBron James in a dancing mood.

After the game, King James was walking off the court and cut a rug to Sade's 'Smooth Operator'.

Please... make it stop. We're not sure if the dancing or the singing was worse. 

And, if you happen to want to see the dance from another angle... 

It turns out LeBron has a history is sub-par dance moves, too. 

And who could forget the Harlem Shake from James' Miami days...


Thank goodness for the Lakers that LeBron is a better basketball player than he is a dancer. 


We'll take Damian Lillard any day...