Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

LeBron James has a new book he's reading while in the bubble. 

He's known for incorporating some light reading during his down time in the playoffs. 

His latest read? 'The Autobiography Of Malcolm X.'

“I was reading to not only do something different, but to also take my mind off the game, James told Oprah Winfrey in an interview in 2012. "Because during the postseason, everything is about the games. Everything is about the matchup and the team that you’re playing and the city that you’re in. I needed some moments where I could just get a different perspective — escape.”

It's a great way to spend down time, clear the mind, no doubt. And to educate yourself with the powerful words of Malcolm X is a profound way of spending one's time. 

James has been shown reading in the past, too. 

But, there's something that one Twitter user pointed out in a viral post: How come James is on the first page(s) of every book he's being photographed reading?

Now, there's no reason to doubt that James is reading these books. But, this sure is a coincidence. 

Social media was having fun with it, as well. 

This certainly isn't a knock on reading. It's good for the soul! Diving into a complex book before a playoff game? Now, that's something only LeBron James can pull off.