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Life in the NBA bubble "was probably the safest place to be in the United States"

Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers embarked on their journey of the 2019-20 NBA restart in the Orlando Bubble on July 9.

The Blazers then left the bubble on Aug. 30 following their first-round exit to the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s crazy to think that the team and coaching staff was in Orlando for nearly two months and they’ve already been back now for nearly a month and a half.

As Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts joined the latest Talkin’ Blazers Podcast with hosts Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon, Stotts explained that it was a bit of a shock to the system once they weren’t in the bubble anymore.

“I do appreciate the time and I think it was a revelation for everybody coming back out of the bubble, because it’s like, alright, you’re out of the bubble and you get out here in real life and, you go, ‘oh man, we’re out of the bubble’… there was a certain level of safety that you felt in the bubble,” Stotts told Frye and Sheldon.

[Listen to the latest Talkin’ Blazers Podcast with hosts NBA Champion Channing Frye and Emmy Award winner Dan Sheldon with special guest Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts]:

The NBA has continued to have success in its bubble plan at the Walt Disney World campus with no positive COVID-19 tests. When teams arrived in Orlando in July, two players tested positive for COVID-19, but since then it's been smooth sailing for the league.


And Coach Stotts misses that safety of getting away from the real world of the ongoing pandemic.

It was a reminder of where we are with COVID and everything else. For 50 days, 52 days whatever -- it was probably the safest place to be in the United States and now [we're] in the reality of living in a COVID world.

Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts on the Talkin’ Blazers Podcast

Kudos to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league for creating such a safe environment for the NBA restart over the past few months.

Now the question is: Will there be another NBA bubble next season? 

You can listen to the entire Talkin’ Blazers Podcast with Trail Blazers Head Coach Terry Stotts right here.