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Lillard wants nothing more than to win a championship for the city of Portland

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Damian Lillard is one of the greatest Blazers of all-time. 

Ask anyone to name their Mt.Rushmore of Trail Blazers legends, and you'll have a hard time finding someone that doesn't put Dame in one of the top two spots.

Perhaps no one understands the true greatness of Damian Lillard more the Trail Blazers sideline reporter Brooke Olzendam.

Olzendam has a front-row seat to every Lillard performance, whether inside Moda Center or on the road.

One thing that amazes her about Lillard - He keeps getting better.

I watch Dame get better every year as he gets older. He gets better every year because he works on different aspects of his game so every year he's got something new. 

Brooke Olzendam on Damian Lillard

There is no doubt what Olzendam says is true. 

Lillard has gone from the best rookie in his class, to the best player on his team, to one of the top players in the entire league in just eight seasons.

He has done almost everything there is to do in this league. Almost. 

Lillard has yet to win the NBA Championship. 

The Trail Blazers star has made it clear that he wants nothing more than to win a title, but not just any title. He wants to win a title for the city of Portland. 

Said Olzendam about Dame's desire to win with the Trail Blazers, "I know how badly he wants to win a Championship. He wants to be in a parade downtown on Broadway. I know that this fanbase wants that so badly for him."   

Close your eyes and you can almost see the parade happening.

If Lillard has his way, before his time in Portland comes to an end the parade will no longer be something you only see in your dreams.


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