Meyers Leonard away from Heat ‘indefinitely’ after using anti-Semitic slur on Twitch


Meyers Leonard has issued an apology after using an anti-Jewish slur on a Twitch live stream.

The anti-Semitic comments made by Leonard surfaced on social media Tuesday. 

On the video, Leonard, who was streaming his Call of Duty feed, can be heard saying, “F------ cowards, don’t f------ snipe at me you f------ k--- b----.”

The NBA released a statement earlier Tuesday afternoon after becoming aware of the news:

The team also spoke out following the news, condemning the use of "any form of hate speech." The statement says Leonard will be away from the team indefinitely. 

It is worth noting that Miami Heat owner Micky Arrison is Jewish. 

Leonard is reportedly losing sponsors in the wake of using the slur, as well. 

Leonard was drafted by the Trail Blazers in 2012 and spent his first seven seasons in Portland before being traded to the Heat in July 2019.

He is currently recovering from shoulder surgery in January and is out for the season. He signed a two-year, $19.5 million contract with Miami last offseason.