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Michael Porter Jr. claims he didn't flip off Blazers bench in 2019 playoffs

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It's hard not to think about the excitement that was felt all around Rip City following the Trail Blazers 2019 Semifinals series victory over the Denver Nuggets.

The series was a physical one with plenty of words exchanged.

And how could we forget the moment when former Trail Blazers Evan Turner and other Blazers believed that then rookie Michael Porter Jr. flipped off the Blazers bench.

To which, Evan Turner returned the favor.

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It was at the end of Game 6 in Portland, when the Blazers ended up tying the series following a CJ McCollum three-pointer when ET gave the Nuggets bench the finger.

But do remember why?

Michael Porter Jr. seemingly flipped off the Blazers from the Nuggets’ bench in Game 5 in Denver during the closing minutes of the Nuggets blowout victory.

But as the Nuggets and Blazers prepare to square off in the First Round now two years later, Porter Jr. is explained that he wasn’t actually flipping off anyone.


“I think what happened was we hit a three and I was going like this (motions a three-point sign with his fingers) and then I think that was just my last finger down and it looked like I was flipping them off,” Porter Jr. said after admitting he forgot about the entire incident.

Porter Jr. missed his entire first year in the league due to a back injury. But that didn’t mean his presence wasn't felt during the 2019 series.

“I think Damian Lillard posted it on his Instagram. I was kind of surprised because I ain’t going to lie it did look like that, but I wasn’t even trying to do that, but it is what it is.”

It’s in the past. I’m excited to play this series.

Michael Porter Jr.

Now we know that’s MPJ’s story, and he’s sticking to it.