Moda Center is first building in Oregon to be WELLcertified, updates on bringing fans back


On Wednesday, the Moda Center made history when it comes to the building's health and safety.

It was announced on social media that the Moda Center became the first building in the state of Oregon to be the WELLcertified rating.

This achievement includes the Rose Quarter’s three properties: Moda Center, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and the Annex offices.

To become WELLcertified and receive the rating, the Rose Quarter has “made implications to improve cleaning practices, select preferred cleaning products, monitoring the air and water quality and more.”

It is also worth noting that the Rose Quarter is not a smoke-free campus, making sure to minimize fans' exposure to second-hand smoke.

President & CEO of the Trail Blazers and Rose Quarter Chris McGowan also added to the presser about the achievement and the possibility of bringing fans back to the stands.

Health and safety are our number one priority for our players, staff, artists and ultimately the return of our fans to the Rose Quarter, the WELL Health-Safety Rating is a massive accomplishment in providing an extremely safe environment for anyone who steps through our doors. We are committed to following the IWBI’s guidelines, as well as many other arena safety improvements, in hopes of welcoming fans back safely to our arenas soon.

Chris McGowan

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Rose Quarter Operations Amanda Mann also made a statement in the presser about getting fans back into the fans and safe for everyone in the building.

We have been evaluating every inch of our arenas to make safety improvements in anticipation of welcoming fans back to the Rose Quarter. The WELL Health-Safety Rating designation is one big step of many to make the Rose Quarter as safe as it can be for our fans, staff, tours and athletes now and into the future.

Amanda Mann

It is safe to say that the the Moda Center is work to try and get fans back into the stadium.

Covid has certainly made it hard, but achieving this award for the Rose Quarter is certainly one step closer to try and make it safe for everyone once again.