NBA 2020-21 season key dates revealed: Playoffs, All-Star Break, Trade Deadline


The NBA season is fast approaching, but has been relatively light on details. 

Until now. 

As frustrations were mounting behind the scenes over concerns of a rush-job to the start of the season, new information has emerged regarding key dates. 

The NBA Draft is on the horizon, scheduled to go off Wednesday, November 18th. Free Agency will begin on November 20th at 3pm PST.

Only agreements in principle can be negotiated during this time, with actual signings beginning on November 22nd. 

Training camps will begin December 1st with an abbreviated 72-game NBA season expected to begin on December 22nd.

A LOT is going to happen in a short amount of time and teams don't even know the schedule yet!

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski offered more clarity Sunday morning, however.


Already, trades are beginning to be flushed out, with the LA Lakers expected to deal Danny Green and the 28th overall pick to Oklahoma City for Dennis Schröder.


Will the Trail Blazers get in on the action? We'll see, as 2020 has been a wild ride thus far.