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NBA stylists discuss Damian Lillard's attire, including his shirtless suit

Trail Blazers

We live in a society where some people care about the clothes they wear and some don’t.

The NBA is no different.

Players are constantly photographed or recorded upon their arrival to the arena and what they wear will circulate the internet. With that in mind, Blazers guard Damian Lillard is conscious of his appeal when he clocks in for work.

Lillard puts his wardrobe in the hands of Erinnicole Goodwin and Desiree’ Atalia It’s Goode Clothing as his consultants. 

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“Your clothing is just an extension of your brand,” Goodwin said. “These athletes, it’s not just their performance on the court, but also what they look like as they walk around. Our clothing tells us so much about each other before we even speak. If you’re an athlete of such a high caliber and at such a high place in your career, your appearance should always reflect that as well.”

A topic of conversation was Lillard’s decision to wear a suit for a game against the Lakers in Dec. 2017, which featured a vest but no shirt. Meaning he would be flaunting his chest and tattoos.


Atalia revealed he was very skeptical of the outfit but he trusted them and wore it. The outfit went viral and was a topic of conversation on social media and within the Blazers locker room.

"You know what, honestly when I first saw it I was kind of like ‘Wow.’ I was kind of confused,” Shabazz Napier said on his outfit. “ But hey, that’s what he does, he’s swaggered out. In this day and age, as long as you have confidence in what you’re wearing, it don’t matter what anybody else says. I thought he wore it with a lot of confidence. He always tells us he don’t need us to vouch for what he wears, he knows he feels good and look good. I thought it was cool."

Lillard, rightfully so, was feeling himself. He did something different and that’s what fashion is sometimes. Taking the risks some won’t. Pulling off the fits some can’t.

"I thought it was funny because for a lot of people in the league, fashion has become a thing so you see a lot of guys getting a bunch of attention for what they wear, what they do,” Lillard said. “They wear wild stuff and I’m always the one watching it like ‘Everybody talking about this.’ I felt like, it wasn’t a normal look but it wasn’t outrageous. I had a vest on, it wasn’t like I just wore no shirt. I thought it was cool. I liked it so I wore it, but the fact that it got all that attention, I was just like ‘Man, this is crazy.'"

Atalia let it be known Lillard doesn’t care about the brand of the clothes as long as he’s comfortable with what he’s wearing. 

Over his nine-year career, Lillard's become known for things: basketball, music, philanthropy, and fashion. 

Each involves help from others. He's entrusted Goodwin and Atalia to have some input on his look for years and he hasn't looked back since.