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Anthony Edwards takes jab at Damian Lillard over rapping in bizarre interview

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On the morning of the 2020 NBA Draft, top-rated propsect Anthony Edwards was expected to make headlines for which team selected him.

Well, that will likely still happen, but before that Edwards gave a bizarre interview where he stated he doesn't like playing basketball, would leave his NBA career behind him if the NFL gave him a chance, and took a shot at Damian Lillard's rapping.

Yes, you heard that correctly. 

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Anthony Edwards, a soon-to-be-rookie whose main NBA comparison is Dion Waiters, decided to begin his career by talking smack about Damian Lillard, a guard who was named MVP of the bubble last summer.

What were his exact comments? Well, after saying he's an aspiring rapper, he was asked "So like Damian Lillard?"

"But I really can rap. Dame, talking about -- I don't know what he's talking about. I'm rapping like Lil Baby."

Yes, a player who has never stepped foot on the NBA floor or even released his music decided to basically say Lillard, a.k.a Dame D.O.L.L.A., the best rapper in the NBA, is trash. 

Keep in mind, Lillard has released three albums and has 558,412 monthly listeners on Spotify with quite a few songs with over a million streams.  


Rookies already have targets on their backs due to inexperience. But the target on Edwards' back will be exponentially larger after these comments. 

Edwards also said he won't release any songs until he's established in the NBA.

Well, he's already poked the bear that is Damian Lillard so perhaps he'll never be established in the NBA. At least when playing against Portland.