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Patrick Beverley's words came back to bite him HARD after Clippers choke job

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Shannon Sharpe on FS1’s Undisputed was on one this morning.

He was eager to go at his co-host Skip Bayless after the Clippers and more specifically Kawhi Leonard and Paul George blew their series against the Denver Nuggets after being up 3-1.

Sharpe was not holding back.

It’s the greatest choke job in NBA history.

Shannon Sharpe on Kawhi Leonard’s second half performance vs. Nuggets

He continued…

He’s never going to live this down.

Sharpe on Kawhi not closing out the Nuggets

And to think that the Clippers gave up the house to exit the NBA playoffs in the second round – you knew Sharpe was going to mention that, while also making sure the NBA world didn't forget about how Patrick Beverley and Paul George had plenty to say in crunch time following their win over Damian Lillard and the Blazers in Portland’s fifth seeding game.

Yep, karma is a real b-word.

One, two, three, Cancun! You remember how Paul George and Pat Bev were yaking at Dame Lillard – ‘Oh you going, you packing.’ – You mean to tell me, they are about to go into the luxury tax, they gave up their future – 2022, 2024, 2026, 23 and 25 you got swapped to go one extra round!? 

Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed

Just like Lillard and CJ McCollum, who trolled Beverley and PG13 so hard following Tuesday’s loss, Sharpe really enjoyed seeing the trash talk that was coming for L.A. finally come to fruition.

Pat Bev I want to hear you talking now. What was his interview after the game like, Skip? Did you hear it? Where did Pat Bev go? I wanted to hear Pat Bev. He got so much to talk about.

Beverley went 4-of-7 from the floor for 11 points to go along with six assists and five rebounds in the Game 7 loss Tuesday and he was nowhere to be seen in any of the postgame interviews.  

As Sharpe put it, “he’s the heartbeat of the team and you didn’t talk to the heartbeat” after a series ending game? 


Sharpe also suggested that Lillard should be so kind and allow Pat Bev a seat on his private jet after McCollum made the initial Cancun recommendation.  

 “Yooooo @Dame_Lillard you got an extra villa available in Cabo?"

Sharpe was all for that nice gesture.

Dame -- hold that flight… When you play football, we all board the plane and if you somebody then they’ll hold the plane for you. Now if you not, they gonna leave your butt, make you pay for your own trip and then they gonna fine you.


Dame -- do your brother this favor – Hold the flight. Pat Bev will be there (Sharpe checks his watch) What time is it, Skip? … Give him another two hours.

But of course, Skip had these two questions:

“Is Damian Lillard still in the Bubble?”   

“Where is he tweeting from?”

Yep, Skip would say that. Nobody expects anything less from him. 

But amen to all of the above from Shannon Sharpe. 

Hold that flight, Dame. Hold that flight.