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Report: Mike D'Antoni "did very well" in interview with Blazers

Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers have narrowed down their head-coaching candidates and have been in the final stages of the interviewing process.

While Blazers fans await the news of Portland’s next head coach, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has been reporting details on veteran NBA Mike D'Antoni’s interview with the team.

According to Windhorst, who was discussing the latest happenings in the NBA on ESPN’s ‘The Hoop Collective’ podcast, D'Antoni did "very well.”  

Mike D'Antoni, I have been told, performed very well in his interview with Portland. And obviously, Mike D’Antoni doesn’t have to prove himself to anybody. But whatever plan that he brought to the table of how to operate that team, I am told it was well-received.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst

The coaching talk in the podcast begins around the 32:30 mark.

Early this month, Portland began the search for a new head coach after mutually parting ways with Terry Stotts after he roamed the sidelines in Portland for nine seasons.

At 70 years old and his first head coaching job dating back to 1998, D'Antoni is one of the most experienced head coaches still available for the Trail Blazers.


Windhorst added that D’Antoni “scored some points” with Damian Lillard while the veteran coach was in Portland.

Over 16 seasons as a head coach, D'Antoni holds an overall record of 672-527 while coaching the Nuggets, Suns, Knicks, Lakers and Rockets.

And now the two-time NBA Coach of the Year apparently has made yet another good impression, this time on the Blazers.