Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers fans will never forget Damian Lillard’s .9 shot over the Houston Rockets in their first round playoffs series back in 2014.

The date was May 2, 2014 with the Trail Blazers hosting the Rockets in game 6 of the Western Conference showdown at the Moda Center.

And thanks to Lillard’s improbable game-winner, the Blazers clinched the series.

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It’s a shot that has stayed with one of the newest Trail Blazers, as well.  

“Yeah, that’s me,” Trail Blazers forward Robert Covington said with a big smile when referring to a couple of photos that have been circulating Twitter.

It was Covington’s rookie season after going undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft. The Rockets had signed him two-year minimum contract before being waived the following October. 

As Covington puts it, that was him before the NBA world knew him as RoCo.   


“That was Robert Covington before I was established and had the nickname RoCo,” Covington chuckled. 

The Tennessee State alum had a huge smile on his face when thinking about how fans have reacted to the photos of his facial expressions while watching Lillard drain the game-winner.

But he’d like to see his opponents have those types of reactions against him these days.

I look completely different…  Seven years younger. It’s crazy to see how this stuff unfolds and to be back here playing, I’m just ready to be on the opposite end of that spectrum and be ones that causes those types of looks on people’s faces instead of being ones on the receiving end.

Robert Covington

Yes, life has almost come full circle in a way for the 29-year-old veteran.

Covington also had plenty to say about Lillard’s clutch shooting and his skills, but since RoCo has such a defensive mindset, he admitted he knew once the Rockets’ D was disrupted it was game over with the ball in Lillard’s hands.  

Just witnessing that shot and that moment was something I’ve never experienced. I’ve only seen that type of stuff on TV, but actually being there and seeing it – the crazy part is I knew it was – how the play had got disrupted that I was like, ‘oh no, it’s good.’ Like as soon as it left his hands, I was like – ‘oh, no.’

There’s no doubt that the 2018 NBA All-Defensive First Team honoree is excited to play alongside Lillard and co.

And now the NBA world will get a chance to see the two work together to create more great opponent’s bench reactions.