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Rodney Hood didn't know he was once neighbors with Paramore's Hayley Williams

Trail Blazers

Rodney Hood was traded by the Portland Trail Blazers to the Toronto Raptors as a part of the pre-NBA trade deadline Norman Powell deal.

The trade wasn't a big surprise, as the Blazers were targeting Powell and Hood's salary matched up well with that of Powell.

However, Hood did get a big surprise in the aftermath of his trade to Portland. Apparently he was neighbors with the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, when they both lived in Mississippi.

This was originally discovered by Blake Murphy of The Athletic, who noted Williams' acknowledgment that she had learned how to dance from her neighbor Rodney and that he played in the NBA.

After Hood was traded to the Raptors, Murphy finally had a chance to ask him about this. Hood didn't realize that Williams had become the singer for the notable pop punk band and also said that it was unlikely that he had taught her the dance since he himself can't dance.

I had no idea. That's crazy. I don't know if she might be mistaken, because I can't dance. I'll take credit for it though.

Rodney Hood

Indeed, that is a crazy story. The odds of the two of them growing up on the same street in Mississippi and going on to have successful careers in music and the NBA have to have been astronomically low.

But both Hood and Williams did, and they each remember one another. They may not have known the specifics of each's career until recently, but their connection certainly is cool.