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Rodney Hood nearing original target date and his latest dunk shows that

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With the injury-plagued 2019-20 Portland Trail Blazers season having come to an end, all eyes are now on the 2020-21 season where Rip City can get to see a healthy Blazers team take the floor.

But to get back to full health, the work happens away from the games with hard work in the gym. That includes Trail Blazers small forward Rodney Hood, who tore his right Achilles tendon on December 6, 2019 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Hoodie has been hard at work to get ready for next season and gave an update to reporters via Zoom in April on his progress.

I’ve been making a lot of progress even with everything going on. I feel great. I feel great in the spot that I’m in. I just passed, I think, four months post surgery, so I’m moving along well…. I’m jumping a little bit in the pool, moving around a little bit, so I’m getting there. I’m working myself to being weight-bearing to where I can do more explosive things, but I’m moving along fine, trying to be patient with it, but it’s been good so far…

The process has been so long. I looked up and it’s only been four months. It’s like time is going by really, really slow, but fast at the same time. -- Rodney Hood said on April 14th 


At the same availability, before the pandemic suspended the season, Hood said he was aiming to return to the court by the start of training camp, which was scheduled for September.

Well, on the last day of August, Rodney posted a video of him catching a ball midair and dunking it through the hoop on his Instagram. 

The videos comes nearly two months after his first dunk back which he posted on July 2.

Hood has previously stated he wants to return to Portland next season, whether that means opting into his player option, which would pay him $6.003 million or signing a new deal to remain in Rip City.

"I fully expect to be in a Portland Trail Blazer uniform next year. I want to be back here in Portland," Hood said. "From what I understand, unless things have changed, I want to be here and people want me to be here. When I signed back last year, it would be for me to sign back with Portland, long term. That’s what I plan on doing.”

Before his injury, Hood was shooting 50.6 percent from the field and 49.3 percent from three-point range in 21 games as the Blazers starting small forward and will look to continue that production next season.