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Rodney Hood will be ready for Trail Blazers at the start of next season

Trail Blazers

An Achilles injury to any basketball player is a devastating one, but Portland Trail Blazers wing Rodney Hood isn’t letting that slow him down.

Hood did not join the Blazers in Orlando for the NBA restart, but he has been seen getting reps in at the practice facility. Even getting a dunk in on this video.

In a recent story by Drew Kerekes of the Meridian Star, Hood took the time to visit his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi, and give an update on his rehab and where he is on the process.

“I feel good,” Hood said. “I’m almost nine months in, and I’ll be ready to go for next season. I feel good about my progress so far.”

As any player would, Hood expressed how much he misses basketball and that he is doing everything to get back to the player he was before the injury.

“Obviously it’s going to take time,” Hood said. “Even when I come back it’s going to take time for me to get back to being myself, but I miss basketball. I miss being out there, so I’m just trying to do everything possible to get back out there.”

Despite still being sidelined since December of 2019, Hood is also finding the time to give back to community that raised him.

In Mississippi, Hood was out donating school supplies at the local Boys & Girls Club, which is run by his father. He enjoyed the opportunity to give back to his community.


Hood isn't letting the injury slow him down one bit.

“I love coming back. It’s refreshing to see my family. I know they can’t always come out and see me play and see me throughout the year. I usually have my camp during this time,” Hood said. “To see old faces, to give back to the kids and let them know I come from these same schools and streets, and they can make it out, too, that’s my biggest message to them. It’s good for them to see me up close and personal, too.”

Besides being busy with rehab and helping his community, Hood is also working toward finishing his degree at Duke, where he played in college after he transferred there from Mississippi State. 

With time on his hands until he is 100% healed and ready, Hood is doing not slowing down until he is back on the court and achieving his goals.

You can read more about Hood’s journey home here