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Russell Westbrook just can't seem to avoid being waved at while losing

Trail Blazers

Russell Westbrook cannot catch a break.

For the third consecutive season, the 9x NBA All-Star has made national headlines by being waved off the court.

Three seasons ago, everyone in Rip City remembers what happened.

After weeks of Westbrook talking trash to Damian Lillard, the Blazers point guard made a series-clinching 37-foot stepback buzzer-beater to end Oklahoma City's season. After making the bucket, Dame turned and waved the Thunder goodbye before celebrating with his teammates.

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Fast forward to the 2020 NBA Playoffs and it happened again, sort of. 

Westbrook was playing against the Los Angeles Lakers in game 5 of the second round. With the Lakers holding a significant advantage in the series clinching game, Westbrook got into an altercation with Rajon Rondo's cousin who was sitting courtside.

“He didn’t do anything crazy,” Rajon Rondo said after the game. “He called the man ‘trash.’ Fans do what fans do. He’s my brother first. He didn’t do anything disrespectful.”

Rondo's cousin would be forced to leave the game but he allegedly made sure to wave Westbrook goodbye while doing so. 

Now this past Saturday, it happened again, but not in the postseason as Westbrook makes the Wizards too bad to make the postseason, even in the Eastern Conference. 


Russ and Rondo met again where the former Thunder point guard got ejected after picking up a second technical foul for shoving Rondo. The Hawks point guard waved Westbrook goodbye as he walked into the locker room.

It's only a matter of time before Westbrook's names make national headlines for the same reason again.