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Russell Westbrook trolled by 'Damian Lillard wave' in latest playoff exit

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Russell Westbrook was waved off the floor of the NBA Playoffs for the second consecutive season. 

In Saturday's Game 5 between Houston and Los Angeles, Westbrook got into an altercation with Rajon Rondo's brother William while down 23 points in the fourth quarter.

Security would ask William Rondo to leave the stands. The NBA had implemented protocol for family members attending games inside the bubble. 

After the game, Rajon Rondo said that his brother called Westbrook "trash" and gave Westbrook the "'Damian Lillard wave'" when Russ asked what he said. 

Entering the 2019 NBA postseason, Westbrook and Lillard's rivalry was just getting started but it was Dame who got the last laugh after launching a 37-foot stepback to win the series in Westbrook's final moment as a member of the Thunder. 

After winning the series, Lillard waved the Thunder goodbye. 

You know the rest. Paul George would claim that Lillard took a bad shot before forcing his way out of Oklahoma City and Westbrook would soon be shipped out to Houston. 

Now one year later, Westbrook has been ignored by the Lakers defense who gladly let him shoot as much as he wants en route to defeating the Rockets in just five games. 

Then to make matters worse, his shortcoming last year came back when William Rondo knew to hit him where it hurts.

After being eliminated Saturday, Westbrook told the media that William Rondo "started talking crazy and I don't play that."

 Well, Westbrook didn't enjoy it but all of Rip City did. 


Who knows, maybe Russ can make it three in a row next season. 

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