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Westbrook irate after Sixers fan throws popcorn at him

Trail Blazers

Russell Westbrook was headed back to the locker room after sustaining what appeared to be an ankle injury in the fourth quarter of the Washington Wizards' Game 2 against the Philadelphia Sixers

But before he could get all the way into the tunnel, a Sixers fan hurled a box of popcorn at the Wizards star. He was not happy about it. 

After the incident, the in-arena announcer instructed fans not to throw objects of any kind onto the court. 

This isn't the first time a Wizards point guard had an issue with a Sixers fan. Just last season, Isaiah Thomas went into the stands to confront a fan who hurled curse words at him for making a free throw. 

It wasn't Westbrook's first issue with a Sixers fan, either, as we've all seen the video of a fan standing up to give him the middle finger in the middle of a game in 2017.