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Sixers' Mike Scott channeled Carmelo Anthony for epic Halloween costume

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Halloween is over, but we can't get over some of the next level costumes we saw on social media over the last 24 hours. 

Perhaps none is more impressive than what 76ers forward Mike Scott pulled off this weekend. 

A vintage Carmelo Anthony inspired costume. 

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Mike Scott/Instagram

The old power blue jersey, the chains, the undershirt, the headgear, the jeans... it's just perfect vintage Melo. 

Even posing next to the car is part of the full Melo experience. 

The costume is just too perfect.

Compare for yourself.

Sure, Melo isn't wearing a jersey in that picture, but you get the comparison. 

NBC Sports Philly called the costume "a perfect throwback to a bygone era in the NBA, and I love it a lot." 

While they're not wrong, vintage and bygone don't always mean best. 

Sure, that era of the NBA was great, but the costume would have been way better with a Rip City jersey instead of an old school Nuggets one. 


Everyone knows Portland Melo is the best Melo.