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Skip Bayless can't stop finding reasons to hate on Damian Lillard

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Skip Bayless is never one to shy away from controversy.

The term "Hot Take" may have been invented by him, for him-- if we're being honest. 

While his takes are great for entertainment, they aren't always based in reality.

Bayless has often targeted the greatness of LeBron James, saying he is nowhere near the GOAT. It always gets social media buzzing.

Yet, since the NBA restarted, he turned his attention from King James to Damian Lillard. 

First, he said Lillard wasn't a superstar.

Then, after being ridiculed for the take, he doubled down.

Lillard wasn't about to be bothered by Bayless.

But even after being eliminated from the playoffs, Lillard still finds himself on the receiving end of Bayless rants. 

On Friday's episode of Undisputed, Bayless wasn't fond of, of all things, Lillard's defense of James on Twitter.

Because, of course... 

Here's what Lillard wrote on Twitter:

What could be wrong with Lillard defending one of the greatest to ever play the game?

I got a little bit of a problem with what he tweeted in answer because he's co-signing what his follower's saying. I thought he was competing against LeBron James. Is he his biggest admirer?

Skip Bayless on Damian Lillard

Bayless' co-host Shannon Sharpe immediately, and correctly shut Bayless down.

"Timeout! I'm glad you said that," Sharpe bellowed as he cut Skip off. "Was Larry Bird not competing against Michael Jordan when he called him God in sneakers? Was Magic Johnson not competing against Michael Jordan when he said he was the best player? Are they not competing or are they just admirers?


Skip's defense: "Larry wanted to rip his heart out."

Well, so did Lillard. As Sharpe said, "Lillard wanted the matchup. He said 'I want the Lakers.'"

And Dame did. He has never ran away from a challenge and is relentless on the court. He is just calling a spade a spade. 

As the saying goes, "real recognize real." That's all that's going on here. One of the best players in the NBA is showing respect to one of the greatest players of all-time. 

In the world of Skip Bayless, a player respecting a master of their craft is somehow controversial.

Just let it go already.

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