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Trail Blazers

Add Charles Barkley’s name to Skip Bayless’ long list of haters.

During Game 1 of the Portland Trail Blazers’ first-round series vs. the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, Barkley called out the Undisputed host during the NBA on TNT broadcast while Damian Lillard highlights were playing.  

Take that, Skip Bayless. I hope y’all heard me America, Skip Bayless, take that with your punk ass,” Barkley said. “You know I can’t stand him. -- Charles Barkley

Take that, Skip Bayless. I hope y’all heard me America, Skip Bayless, take that with your punk a**. You know I can’t stand him.

Charles Barkley

Bayless, of course, had a response to Sir Charles on the Undisputed Wednesday because he’s got to get those views. 

“I would like to congratulate Charles Barkley for finally getting a prediction right,” Bayless said. “You know what, if you make enough goofy predictions, the odds are that you’re eventually going to get one right. So, Charles had predicted that Portland would win Game 1 and now he has quadrupled down that Portland will sweep your Los Angeles Lakers. And I say, you better gloat while you can, Nostrachuckus, because it ain’t gonna last much longer.”

He added, “I do appreciate Shaq for saying ‘leave it alone.’”

Barkley’s verbal jab came on the heels of Bayless’ recent criticism of Lillard. 

The bad take artist has been trolling Lillard since he missed two free throws and a game-tying three against the Clippers and has questioned his superstardom. 


"What happened on Saturday afternoon validated what I've been asking about Damian Lillard. Is he really "That Guy?" Does he really have super in front of star in front of his name?," Bayless said. "I don't see it and I haven't seen it when it really, really counted, and I don't think the Clippers had seen it either. Because I gotta tell you, they laughed at your man."

Lillard has proven he’s a superstar and more. After becoming a unanimous selection for the NBA Bubble MVP award, Lillard willed the Blazers into the postseason, secured the final playoff spot in the West and then fended off the Grizzlies in the NBA’s first play-in game. 

On Tuesday vs. the Lakers, Dame Time struck in the fourth quarter with Lillard making three of his next four 3-point shots. This bomb inside the logo was the stuff of legends. 

Lillard scored 34 points and had six 3-pointers to lead the Trail Blazers past the Lakers 100-93 on Tuesday night, spoiling LeBron’s postseason debut with Los Angeles.

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If you ask Chuck, it’s time to bring out the brooms.  

Bayless, however, isn’t quite as convinced. 

Game 2 between the Trail Blazers-Lakers is on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. here on NBC Sports NW.