Steph Curry called 'only loyal player in the NBA', forgetting Damian Lillard exists


There's two viral photos going around social media of Stephen Curry that is stoking a bit of controversy and debate.

The photos are of the Golden State point guard in his rookie season and of him this season. 

But, it's not the photos that are controversial. 

It's the text to go along with it:

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This tweet was posted after James Harden forced his way out of Houston and was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in a blockbuster four-team trade. 

The thing is... this take couldn't be more wrong. 

Ever heard of Damian Lillard? 

In the words of Kelly Kapoor from "The Office,":

I have a lot of questions. Number one, how dare you?!

Others were quick to point out this user's error, too. 

It goes without saying how bad of a take that is. 

Damian Lillard has been loyal to the Trail Blazers through and through. He wants to become the best Trail Blazer of all-time, hold all of the franchise records. He has visions of holding the trophy in a parade down Broadway in downtown Portland. “I kind of obsess about that moment,’’ he says of his reoccurring daydream. “It motivates me.’’

He's denounced joining super teams, as well. 

So, @notGuru_, you could not be more wrong. 


Put some respect on Damian Lillard's name.