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Sue Bird teams up with eBay in new sneaker campaign

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The court vision, the consistency, the leadership on and off the court; 20-year WNBA veteran Sue Bird has changed the game in more ways than one.

While Bird has long been a leading activist in social justice causes off the court, she has led the Seattle Storm to four WNBA championships.  

As one of the most decorated players in basketball history, we are now getting a glimpse into one of the most coveted sneaker collections of all time. After recently recognizing how large Bird’s sneaker collection has become, her sought-after kicks have been found all over social media.

Sue Bird x eBay Campaign

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Bird realized how much of a sneakerhead she’s become.  

“I was cleaning out some stuff,” Bird told NBCSNW. “And I was like, ‘oh my god, I have a lot of sneakers. Oh, I guess I’ve been collecting these all this time.’ But looking back it’s been that way since I was like 10 years old.”

The Storm point guard and WNBA legend is now partnering with eBay as part of a campaign that “celebrates, authenticates and appraises some of the most covetable sneaker collections in the country.”


Last month, eBay held an event in Seattle for consumers to stop by and authenticate their watches, sneakers, trading cards and more.

Bird’s campaign with eBay officially launches this Wednesday, showcasing the four-time WNBA champion’s collection.

Her collection of covetable kicks includes everything from Kyrie 6 “By You Air Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum” to “Huarache 2k4” and many more.

Partnering with eBay was an easy decision for Sue.

“It was really a no-brainer," Bird said. "They’re now in the sneaker game in terms of making sure, giving that guarantee of authenticity and they’re also highlighting female sneakerheads.

It was great to see eBay get in the game for that guarantee, but also including women in the space. Because we’ve been here, we’ve always been here, we just needed people to open it up for us and eBay has done a great job with that.

Sue Bird

Throughout April and May, eBay has been and will visit prominent collectors around the country. eBay will host events in Seattle, Las Vegas, Austin, Atlanta and Nashville with events to authenticate and appraise sneakers, watches and more.

Bird’s partnership with eBay came about for a number of reasons.

Sue Bird x eBay Campaign

But one of the biggest was because of eBay’s guarantee of authenticity.

Between eBay and Nike, the 40-year old WNBA superstar, who is also a prominent Nike athlete, pointed out both companies' inclusiveness. 

Give credit where credit is due -- Nike has always supported WNBA players with our shoes, with our shoe deals.

Sue Bird

Bird explained that when she first entered the league after being drafted No. 1 overall to Seattle in the 2002 NBA Draft, players like Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, Dawn Staley, and eventually Diana Taurasi had a signature shoe for a short period of time.

Yet, Nike went away from designing female signature shoes.  

"I think what the next step is, is actually having a [WNBA] player have a signature shoe."

The 11-time WNBA All-Star also mentioned that being a Nike athlete, of course, has its perks with receiving “player exclusive” shoes to match their team colors or any big storyline of the season.


But what does Sue look for in a pair of kicks before investing in them?

“It’s funny, I don’t really have an exact answer, but what I can tell you is -- I want to wear it.”

Bird added that before adding another pair of shoes to her collection she looks for kicks that are unique “from a fashion standpoint.”  

As Bird’s playing career has evolved, so have her shoes, of course.

But there’s one pair that symbolizes her evolution as a WNBA player.

I look back and with the sneakers that I wore early in my career and it’s still from a basketball standpoint, I would say, like top 3 favorites of all-time is the Huarache 2k4.

Sue Bird

“That is one of my favorite sneakers, super comfortable, I had a Seattle Storm P.E. So it was green, yellow, and white and on the side, in big letters it said, ‘Birdy.’ And I think it's kind of a funny shoe to look back on now, because I would never put my nickname like that, so big on the shoe,” Bird laughed. 

I think it does kind of mark an evolution in that, back then, I wanted it to be like that, and now I would be a little more subtle and discreet.

Bird and the Storm tip-off the 2021 season on May 15 in a 2020 WNBA Finals rematch against the Las Vegas Aces.

With training camp well underway, and the regular season just weeks away, what shoes will Bird don on opening night?

“TBD. I’ve got some ideas though,” Bird said with a smile.

We can't wait, Sue! Is it May 15th yet?