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Terry Porter says Blazers are still a piece away from contending

Trail Blazers

Terry Porter is one of the greatest Trail Blazers to ever wear the Black and Red. 

He helped lead Portland to the NBA finals in 1990 and 1992, and is a legend with good cause. 

Along with Damian Lillard, he's is one of the best point guards the Blazers have ever had. 

Basically, in short, he knows how to be successful in Portland. 

Porter recently sat down with Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon on the Talkin' Blazers podcast to discuss how the current Blazers can get over the hump and compete for a title. 

According to Porter, the answer is in finding a third star to join Lillard and CJ McCollum.

"You look in the West, the elite teams have three bonafide scorers. Three guys who can go out and get you 20 a night. I dunno who the Blazers have as their third guy," said Porter. "I know they got two guys, cause those two guys have proven they can go out and get you buckets... They're still gonna need that third guy, cause when they go against the elite teams in the regular season you can get by. But when you go head to head against the elite teams in the playoffs, now it becomes a huge factor with regards to how you're going to be able to guard those guys but also how they're going to be able to be productive."

The Blazers need to make a move, as the rest of the teams out west aren't going anywhere. 


"Golden State is going to be back next year. Denver ain't going nowhere. Denver's gonna be there. Clippers gonna be there. Lakers gonna be there... OKC, you can say Dallas, you can even kinda say Houston still. New Orleans may step up," Porter said. "The Blazers are gonna have to continue to try to build that roster and put pieces on their roster that can continue to grow."

He's not wrong. The top end of the conference isn't getting weaker. The mid-tier is only getting stronger, and teams like the Warriors will be back in full-force after a down year. 

Without a big move, the Blazers could fall out of the playoff picture altogether. 

Can the Blazers find that third guy, that remains to be seen. However, do they truly need him like Porter says?

The Blazers already have an idea of how their starting lineup should look but haven't got to see all five starters hit the court together. 

They have some really good pieces.  They haven't been able to be together. Nurkic, I think, has played really good. He's been hurt, unfortunately, during some crucial times for the year. (Zach) Collin's the same way.

Terry Porter

And Porter didn't even bring up Rodney Hood, who when healthy is the perimeter defender the Blazers need.

So maybe they have the roster that they need already, health is just the issue. 

Even then, it wouldn't hurt to bring in more talent. 

Regardless, the Blazers need to make sure they are positioned well heading into next season because the Western Conference is going to be rough.