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There’s a fake Luka Doncic photo featuring Damian Lillard circulating

Trail Blazers

The Dallas Mavericks took Game 4 over the Clippers over the weekend thanks to a Luka Doncic game winner, but what happened in the aftermath of it may be the real story.

First, watch the game winner one more time!  


Cold Blooded!

Doncic’s three capped off aff a 43-point performance and was the second-longest game winner in NBA playoff history.

And we all know the longest…

In the 135-133 OT loss, Clippers forward Paul George, who played 45 minutes, had 9 points on 3-14 shooting. 

And while there had already been some rumblings about PG13's play in the bubble before Game 4, with previous performances of 14 points and 11 points, George has been getting absolutely roasted by NBA Twitter after failing to show out.  






But, there’s one fake photo that has been circulating that trolls Paul George so hard and it features Damian Lillard. 



We wish so badly that this was true. But, it’s not. 

Of course, after Lillard’s 37-foot game winner, Paul George called Dame’s shot “a bad shot.” 

But, Devin Booker also hit a game winner on George in the bubble. 

Things are not going so well for Pandemic P right now. 

Maybe that photoshopped image of Doncic will give him some motivation.