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Trail Blazers centers are Power Rangers? Yep, it's morphin' time according to Enes Kanter

Trail Blazers

In the Trail Blazers first two preseason games last week, Portland's depth and versatility did not go unnoticed.  

But just how deep and strong is this team?

Think about this, the Blazers will have four talented and very capable big men able to step into the rotation once Zach Collins is healthy enough to play next month.

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So that’s Collins, with Jusuf Nurkic starting at five and Enes Kanter and Harry Giles backing him.

Not too shabby, huh?

Especially considering the way Gilles has performed. Not only is he an athletic and mobile big with heaps and heaps of potential, he’s also healthy.

Which we know is going to be key for him this season.


Giles has said that he is looking to put his injuries behind him and that his body is feeling good.

Now let’s go back to the bigs’ versatility.

That’s something that excites Kanter and should excite Trail Blazers fans as well.

We all can do different things. Obviously, Nurkic can pretty much do everything… You look at me, and you look at Giles, and I think it’s going to be so much energy at both ends of the floor and we still have Zach.

Enes Kanter said following Tuesday’s practice

Kanter likes to think of Portland's centers as the bruisers.

“I said this from day one, I think we’re just going to go out there and bruise people. So I think once we get everything settled it’s going to be fun to watch.”

But he also has another comparison that 90s kids are going to love...

Have you ever watched Power Rangers?

Enes Kanter asked the media Tuesday

“When they become together, they become a very unbeatable robot,” Kanter said with a big smile. “That’s exactly how we are. With Nurkic’s talent, my talent, and Giles’ talent, and then we’ve got to put Zach and Melo and everybody, now sometimes Derrick [Jones Jr.] at the four, so it’s going to become a very special thing and I’m excited about it.”

So does that mean Nurkic is the red power ranger?

Let’s go with that.

But it’s a great comparison when thinking about how each big man's game is so different from one another.

When they come together, they become unbeatable as Kanter puts it.

Derrick Jones Jr., who will see time at the four this season, also praised the well-rounded depth at center following Tuesday’s practice.

Enes is a beast on the offensive glass and just boxing him out is something that it’s almost impossible. Going through four years in the NBA playing against him, now in this fifth year, I’m on the same team and you never really realize how good someone is at a certain talent until you’re playing alongside them.

Derrick Jones Jr.

“Nurkic is a beast offensively and defensively,” Jones Jr. added. “And then we’ve got Harry -- he's young. Once he gets the opportunity to go out there and show what he can do, I believe that Harry can shock the world.”


Shock the world? That's high praise.

But if anyone knows the true potential of Giles it would be Jones Jr. The two grew up playing in the AAU circuit and have been good friends since they were 10 years old. 

And now...

It’s morphin’ time.