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Damian Lillard becomes latest athlete to invest in athlete-owned network, PlayersTV

Trail Blazers

When Damian Lillard isn’t casually pulling up from the logo or dropping bars as rapper Dame D.O.L.L.A., the Trail Blazers superstar is finding new and unique ways to invest off the court.

His latest venture is through branded channel, PlayersTV, an athlete-owned network that includes an investor roster featuring more than 30 athletes including his Portland teammates CJ McCollum and Carmelo Anthony.

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As part of becoming an equity partner and investor in PlayersTV, the five-time NBA All-star will release a documentary series about his basketball career called “Dame,” as well as a new original show called “Sessions,” where he connects athletes with prominent musicians.

In an interview with the Undefeated Thursday, Lillard shared what intrigued him most about being a part of the network dedicated to athlete-sports lifestyle and culture entertainment.

“CJ is an investor and you’ve got people, former teammates, doing it as well,” Lillard said. “Other than that, just being able to have control over my content. That was a major part of it for me as well. I’ve got a lot of things to bring to the table. A lot of ideas.”


When asked what the star point guard could bring to the table in becoming a partner with the growing network, Lillard noted McCollum’s series success in “ReMaking America, A Conversation with CJ McCollum,” where the Trail Blazers guard uses his journalistic passion to interview athletes, politicians, community leaders and more.

In October, McCollum interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris about the critical issues such as police reform and education impacting our country.

Lillard, too, believes he can use the platform to raise awareness about the issues and passions he holds close to his heart.

“The NBA is able to use its platform to shine a light on things that they feel strongly about,” Lillard explained. “I think it’s great that you got people using this platform to control their narrative. For me, I feel the same in a lot of those situations, and I have a lot of things of my own that I’d like to do my way.

“I’d bring truth, authenticity, and somebody who truly cares about the cause and who truly cares about our culture and people.”