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Trail Blazers debut new, unique City Edition uniforms

Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers made a splash on Thursday, dropping the design for their brand new city edition uniforms.

They are unique, to say the least. 

The uniforms are like nothing the Blazers have ever worn before. 

The light black base color features Oregon scrolled across the chest and a multi-colored pattern that runs from the shoulder down to the end of the shorts.

At first, the red, orange, and blue pattern throws you off. Those aren't Blazers colors! But the deeper you look, the colors are a representation of not just the Blazers, but the state as a whole.

According to the Trail Blazers website, the colors are a "vibrant color pallet selected to symbolize the majestic scenery throughout the region."

Trail Blazers

The red represents the tulip farms in Woodburn.

The lighter blue represents downtown Portland.

The darker blue represents Crater Lake.

The gold represents Cannon Beach. And the orange represents the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

Trail Blazers

The uniform features a Nike logo that is "depicted in its original orange pallet symbolizing the local company's long-standing roots in Oregon." It also features "Oregon" stitched across the chest for the first time in franchise history. The font itself is iconic, displaying the "pride for our state using the font from the recognizable sign that continues to shine in Old Town Portland."


All this is layered over a subtle topography design that represents the "rugged terrain" of the state.

The uniform also features a special logo on the waistband that depicts the state of Oregon with six blue triangles inside it. According to the Blazers, the "Culturally symbolic triangle shapes represent the importance of home and family of our tribal nations."

To honor the tribal nations of the region, Biofreeze and the Trail Blazers will donate a portion of the proceeds from jersey sales to the Native American Youth and Family Center, "a Portland-area nonprofit working to enhance the diverse strengths of native youth and families through cultural identity and education."

The new city edition jersey goes on sale on December 3rd. You can sign-up to get yours at

While you wait, you can click HERE to see more photos of the new design.

Trail Blazers