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Blazers fans create petition for NBA referees to give Damian Lillard respect

Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard's frustration with NBA referees boiled over after the Blazers' loss to the Wizards.

With just over 30 seconds remaining in the game, Lillard managed to steal a pass intended for Bradley Beal. However, Beal got in Lillard's path and after the two collided, the referees head-scratchingly allowed the play to continue.

This looked like an obvious missed call and it cost the Blazers at least a chance to try to erase a seven-point deficit late against the Wizards. And after the game, Lillard laid into the league's officials.

"For me, it’s just frustrating how physical people can be when defending me in certain situations. In our last road trip, I had back-to-back games with five fouls, about to foul out just playing normal defense," said Lillard. "I’m going to the rim getting smacked in the head. I’m getting grabbed. Getting slapped on the arms. Getting pushed in the back. I mean, that’s the frustrating thing for me. I'm not out here flopping and trying to trick the referees or things like that. I'm trying to score and getting hit in the head."

Lillard has a right to be upset, especially with some of the non-calls against the Wizards. Portland Trail Blazers fans are too.

And now, they're trying to back up the Blazers star.

After the Wizards game, a petition popped up and garnered a little bit of support. Its message is simple: Make NBA refs respect Damian Lillard.


The petitioner's explanation for starting the document was as follows:

Damian plays with a lot of contact the way he plays below the rim and NBA referee's typically do not give him the right calls, especially in crunch time.

Abed Moussa, petition

Of course, there's no likelihood of this petition going anywhere far, but it's nice to see the fans trying to support Lillard after the unfair shake he has gotten from the zebras in recent games.

As of this writing, the goal is to get the petition to 100 signatures. We'll see if they can get there.