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Trail Blazers franchise is the 15th most valuable in the NBA

Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers aren't for sale, but if they were it would cost just slightly more than your yearly income to purchase them. 

According to Sportico, the organization is valued at approximately $1.91 billion. 

Of that $1.91 billion, the team itself is valued at $1.84 billion, while other team-related businesses and real estate is valued at $72 million. 

The $72 million worth of related business assets is the 11th most valuable in the league.

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The Blazers are right in the middle of the pack as the 15th most valuable franchise in the NBA. Just ahead are the Bucks ($1.86 billion) and just behind the Wizards ($2.05 billion).

$1.91 billion may seem like a lot, but it's not even half of what the top three teams, the Knicks, Warriors, and Lakers are valued at. 

The average NBA team is worth $2.4 billion, but that is really skewed by those top three teams.

The Knicks are the most valuable franchise in the NBA, worth approximately $5.42 billion, followed by the Warriors at $5.21 billion and the Lakers at $5.14 billion. The Nets and Celtics round out the top five at $3.40 billion and $3.18 billion respectively.

The bottom three in the league are the Timberwolves ($1.43 billion), Grizzlies ($1.36 billion), and Pelicans ($1.35 billion). 


It's an interesting contrast that the gap between the least valuable teams and the mid-tier is about half a billion, while the gap between the mid-tier and the most valuable teams is about $3 billion.

For the Trail Blazers, the team pulled in roughly $258 million in revenue last season, the 16th most in the NBA just behind the Bucks ($259 million). 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the NBA to move to the NBA bubble in Orlando, in turn causing teams to lose revenue from ticket sales. That, and other factors, caused the Blazers revenue to fall 13% from the year previous, having pulled in $298 million in 2018-19. 

The Warriors had the most revenue last season at $434 million, which was just a two percent decrease from the previous year. The two percent loss was the "best" percent in the league. No team saw a net gain in revenue, with teams losing between two to 14% year to year. 

The Raptors were the only team to lose 14%, dropping from $341 million to $292 million, while the Blazers, Bucks, and Cavs were next in line, all seeing a 13% decrease in revenue. 

Despite the loss in revenue, the Blazers are still one valuable franchise.