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Blazers got a good laugh when RoCo literally dunked his pants off

Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers won a nail-biter on Sunday, narrowly beating the red-hot Dallas Mavericks. 

Portland's 121-118 victory extended the team's winning streak to four in a row and simultaneously ended the five-game winning streak the Mavericks were riding. 

The game was not without its monster jams, deep threes, and clutch plays. But no play drew more attention than a simple dunk during warm-ups. 

The slam looked innocent enough, but the level of explosiveness on display was unreal. 

Robert Covington dunked his pants off, literally.

The clip drew a laugh from Damian Lillard, who roasted Covington in the postgame presser. 

"That was funny, man. I told him that if he gotta work that hard and strain his leg muscles that hard to dunk, he shouldn't be doing it if his pants are gonna be popping off like that. We all got a good laugh about that."

The team got a good laugh at RoCo's expense, but the Blazers defensive master played it cool postgame.

"As I windmilled my hands got caught in my pants a little bit," said Covington. "Everybody made a big joke about it but I'm capable of doing that."

In actuality, the pants were just doing what they were designed to do. As Covington stated after the game, "That's the true definition of breakaway pants."

Whether it was a hand that helped rip them off or his leg muscles just exploding through their loose constraints, Covington does have a little advice he will heed before Tuesday's game in OKC. 


Next time I'll make sure that my pants are tightened up a little bit more.

Robert Covington