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Trail Blazers lose game, but more important, lose Jusuf Nurkic to broken wrist

Trail Blazers

The biggest loss Thursday night for the Trail Blazers, of course, was when Jusuf Nurkic suffered a broken right wrist.

Another broken bone and a terrible thing for a player who has already suffered serious injuries as a Trail Blazer. And another broken heart for a fanbase.

And as if that wasn’t enough bad news, the game was pretty disappointing, too. Portland came into its contest with Indiana packing a four-game win streak, but got hammered by the Pacers 111-87.

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And that was built on a horrific second quarter that saw the Trail Blazers outscored 33-10 over the 12 minutes. Portland was 4-19 from the field, 0-8 from three-point range and had eight turnovers.

The turnovers -- and the points that resulted from them -- were a big problem. On the second of a back-to-back, the Trail Blazers looked tired and a little careless, They turned the ball over 18 times for a whopping 27 points.

The second quarter problems began with the Portland bench and continued when the starters returned to the court.


“Everybody who played in that quarter was a double-digit minus (in the) plus minus (column)  except for Rodney,” Coach Terry Stotts said. “(The Pacers) scored 24 points in the paint. It was a bad quarter by everybody.

“The bench started the second quarter and didn't start off well. And it didn't end well. So everybody contributed to that.”

It proved to be another one of those supremely sad nights that the franchise has suffered too many times over its five decades. Another injury to a big man, one that will likely keep the player out for several weeks.

Many people will call it a jinx or a curse, but others don’t believe in such things. Bad luck is more likely the reason. But the reason doesn’t seem so important right now.

There was, of course, Bill Walton, Sam Bowie, Greg Oden, Nurkic and yes, even Zach Collins -- all of whom suffered not just one major injury but more than that.

All of them very talented and all of them afflicted with injuries that cost them so many games, leaving them sitting in street clothes on the sidelines.

And even after all these years of it happening, it doesn’t get any easier for anyone to handle.

There is no other way to put it -- it was one depressing night at Moda Center. For a player, his team and a fanbase.