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Trail Blazers miss out on Aaron Gordon sweepstakes, traded to Denver Nuggets

Trail Blazers
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The Orlando Magic are going through a fire sale ahead of the trade deadline. They offloaded Nikola Vucevic and Al-Farouq Aminu in a deal with the Chicago Bulls and followed that up by sending Evan Fournier to the Boston Celtics for two second-round draft picks.

Now, the team's biggest asset, Aaron Gordon, is on the move. And it's not to the Pacific Northwest. 

While the Portland Trail Blazers were rumored to be one of Gordon's preferred destinations, he's landed in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.

The Nuggets were one of four teams that made a serious run at the 25-year-old forward. According to Charania's report, Portland was not one of them.

Blazers fans will certainly be a bit upset that Gordon didn't land with the team. But it is worth noting that the price the Nuggets paid to get Gordon was significant.

Harris is a 26-year-old guard that has averaged 12 points per game during his career. Hampton was a first-round pick last year. The other first-round pick the team gave up was way off into the future and is protected in 2025.

No matter how you look at it, that offer would've been hard for the Blazers to match. 

Could the team have decided to pull off a deal like that? Sure, but it would have been risky.


Instead, they turned their attention to Toronto and acquired Norman Powell. 

We'll see what the Trail Blazers end up doing with just hours left until the 2021 NBA trade deadline. There are still some quality targets left on the board, so they should have a chance to land somebody -- if they feel that the right move is out there.